Waging a War on God

by Drvg Cvltvre



Variance label have really shown their diversity this year, from the year starting with OLVR/KCRA and the rave & deep hard techno remixes, followed by Swardz traditional techno banger EP closely followed by Æmris and his Casi LP including all types of electronic music all the way to Vlaysins 136 banger remix of "Nameless". Then we decided to keep it unknown, but incredibly talented by introducing the world to New Zealand pair, Duo Alias, with an 8 track album of stomper after stomper of eclectic music, not just techno, electro or industrial, their own take on everything electronic. Then we had straight out of the box, Airsilk v Harushi Clan EP, there are not many words to describe this EP, it is intricate, heavy, and amazing in its grace, 6 wonderful tracks, 2 producers that would be considered a match made in heaven in the Variance book. For number 19 we introduced Rico Casazza to your ears, with remixes on Rommek and Scenedrone, each of these EPs, LPs & Album offered something special and unique to the listener, something different, not what the other labels are doing, we are Variance, proud to be leading the way in our scene, and though we may not be the biggest yet, we believe time will tell. Another step in the right direction in our opinion is this EP, Drvg Cvltvre "Waging a War Against God", Drvg Cvlvre owner of "New York Haunted" from Tilberg in The Netherlands, has consistently wowed his fans with immense tracks and remixes. So much, that he grabbed the attention of us, here at Variance, we wanted him on the label, and would do almost anything to get him on board. Needless to say, Mr. Cvltvre knew the culture, and was more then eager to contribute to the staple of the electronic and techno world Variance with an immense track, called "Waging a War Against God". We discussed the release, and decided on 4 remixers, in Ingen, Henge, Vønshk & the ever impressive Casper Hastings. Each of the remixers delivered on what we had expected, the EP was more the ready, so ready, that we believe its a classic before as i type this, months before the release. So don't miss out on this one, its worth every cent. As we near the end of Variance, support it, and our war on god will have the answers to wether the label will last or not.


released May 25, 2017

Written By: Vincent Koreman
Remixed by: Jasper Boon, Kevin Blackwood, Liviu Ispas, Casper Hastings



all rights reserved


Variance Ireland

Born out of necessity.

Artists include, Mael, Scalameriya, Scenedrone, Swarm Intellegence. Paul Birken, Interferon. Ingen, Airsilk, 1.125.X1 and many more amazing artists.

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