Your Problem Now

by Harushi Clan



Harushi Clan is no stranger to Variance, with his Vs EP with Airsilk out earlier this year. This time he is the one providing the originals, and provide he did.
The whole EP is immense and diverse, starting with his originals, "Your Problem Now" raw, broken with some really nice highs that tear throughout the track, great progression, a real classic broken techno track, with so many edits and development throughout the whole track. Secondly we have "Chatsworth Estate" it refers to the London estate just on Elderfield Road, on the corner of Chatsworth Road, this track is keeping with the broken style of "Your Problem Now" but its execution is totally different, with colossal evolution throughout, really for the floor as well as being great to just listen to as a piece, like all the tracks on this superb EP. The third original that Harushi Clan has provided is a bit different to the first two, showing his boundless talent, the 4 on the floor track with its crazy yet calming atmospheric advancements, this track is certain to get any clubbers onto the floor, like the rest of his originals, it shows his style is not limited to just broken or any form of techno, Harushi can do it all, and "Latch" is proof of that, any DJ will agree, that being said, it fits in perfectly with the EP, and with the remix selections, that we shall talk about now.
We are always delighted to welcome Paul Birken onto the label, this is his 4th appearance, and wont be his last, he is definitely a staple of our label and Harushi is becoming one also, both of the guys are true techno artists, they love the music and the people, they may be popular but if they weren't, you can guarantee they would still be gear freaks producing tracks for their own pleasure, to be honest every artist on this EP you could say the same thing about. Back to the Birken remix, he chose to remix "Chatsworth Estate" and to be honest we wouldn't have it any other way, the man really brought his A game to the table, like he always does for us and everyone else, the man is in our opinion a genius musically (and he is also clued in to a lot more then you would expect, a true artist), and the remix really does show it, it is like a forward march to chaos, that will get any techno aficionado fawning over the quality of his remix, but we can say the same for the whole EP. People will be laudatory over this one, and i don't thing we are being arrogant to say that, just listen and we think you will agree. Then second remix comes courtesy of the ever amazing Vonshk, he featured on the Drvg Cvltvre EP also and his remix was markedly exceptional, and received very well by our fans, this one is of a similar style but more thumping, very mechanic, but also organic, the momentum keeps going throughout, he teases with longer breakdowns following by smashing drops, a real floor filler, most Techno fans will be very responsive to this track. Then lastly we got the Scenedrone remix of "Your Problem Now" a very aggressive track, that represents the struggle of trying to get out of the current environment the world has found itself in, banging your head against the wall because its impossible, the movements throughout are unique, the main breakdown could make your head explode, but the drops are always pumping and the track goes between 4 on the floor and broken beats flawlessly, it will make any crowd confused while also forcing them to dance, the whole EP, again I have to emphasise is immense, very urban and varied. Big release that includes artists that will be on Variance again for sure. Keep your eyes peeled cos what we have coming up is as great as this EP.


released June 30, 2017

Programmed & written by: Joel Blaise
Remixed by: Paul Birken, Jasper Boon & Luke Creed
Mastered by: Luke Creed



all rights reserved


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Artists include, Mael, Scalameriya, Scenedrone, Swarm Intellegence. Paul Birken, Interferon. Ingen, Airsilk, 1.125.X1 and many more amazing artists.

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